Argentina adopts DST again

Daniel Mario Vega dv5a at
Wed Dec 26 20:00:00 UTC 2007

Alex Mayorga Adame <alex.mayorga <at>> writes:
> As per the "Comunicado":
> "se envió al Congreso Nacional un proyecto de ley, que deberá aprobarse en 
> próximos días."
> The law proposal was sent to the Congress and should be approved in the
> following days.
> So it is not law yet, but it probably would be. I searched a little but I
> couldn't find the proposal on either of Argentina's Congress Chambers.

The law is being discussed right now on the Senate (video broadcast here 
mms:// )

The text of the proposed law can be found here

It says that at 00:00 (localtime) of 2007-12-30 Argentina shifts to GMT-02 and
at 00:00 (localtime) of 2008-03-16 returns to GMT-03. For next years the 
Executive power will decide when the zone shift will occur

Daniel Mario Vega

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