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Wed Dec 26 07:36:58 UTC 2007

There seems to be some anxiety whether the Argentinian DST goes through.
The funny thing is that according to this article
... most members seem to be in favor, since this was already suggested by
opposition several times, in vain (it was rejected). On the other hand now
that the government suggests it, the oppositon has refused to cooperate to
gather sufficient members of Congress to vote - and apparently they can't
vote without being physically present, and according to law two thirds must
be present to convert this proposal into law, which is both a requirement
for the the Upper (Senados) chamber and the Lower (Diputados) chamber.
Apparently it's a non-issue that business and airline schedules, Operating
Java, Windows Upgrade etc. etc. have to be frantically changed in very few
since we still have no definite answer.
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