Argentina adopts DST again

Mariano Absatz baby at
Thu Dec 27 16:57:51 UTC 2007


I attach a patch to southamerica that I think is right, but would like 
someone more experienced with tzdata to check the rules for me.

What I try to express is:
 From Sun 2007-12-30 0:00 advance one hour (to GMT-02:00) until Sun 
2008-03-16 0:00

Then, I'm betting the change will be from the first Sunday in October 
until the first Sunday on or after March 15th.

Paul Eggert escribió el 12/22/2007 11:06 PM:
> Thanks for the heads-up.  For lack of better info I'll propose a patch
> soon that will guess that the future rules are from the 1st Sunday in
> October to the 3rd Sunday in March, like this:
> Rule	Arg	2007	only	-	Dec	30	0:00	1:00	S
> Rule	Arg	2008	max	-	Mar	Sun>=15	0:00	0	-
> Rule	Arg	2008	max	-	Oct	Sun>=1	0:00	1:00	S
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