Argentina DST is law

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Thu Dec 27 04:45:20 UTC 2007

Jesper Norgaard Welen escribió el 27/12/07 00:56:
> The last hurdle of Argentina DST is over, the proposal was approved in
> the lower chamber too (Deputados) with
> a vote 192 for and 2 against. By the way thanks to Mariano Absatz and
> Daniel Mario Vega  for the link to the
> original scanned proposal, where the dates and the zero hours are
> clear and unambiguous. I should have tried
> the Send/Receive button first before complaining to the tz mailing list!
> This is the article about final approval:
Just came back from dinner and was about to post this same article :-)

Here's another one:

At 3AM Argentina Time (6AM UTC), the Buenos Aires Herald's page is
supposed to be updated and you'll be able to find something in English
regarding this at

The only missing step is the "promulgation" (or however this is said in
English) of the Law, but since that is within the power of the
Executive, it should happen between Thursday and Friday so I think it is
quite safe to update tzdata.


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