Argentina DST is law

Daniel Mario Vega dv5a at
Fri Dec 28 15:12:11 UTC 2007

Mariano Absatz <baby <at>> writes:
> The only missing step is the "promulgation" (or however this is said in
> English) of the Law, but since that is within the power of the
> Executive, it should happen between Thursday and Friday so I think it is
> quite safe to update tzdata.

For the record, the law has been published today in the "Boletín Oficial". This 
is the last administrative step. Tomorrow (Sat 29-Dec) the law is legally in 

The text of the law is the same as the one we talk before (except for some 
non-relevant minor changes).

The link to the PDF of the Boletin page is here (I suspect this URL is 
available only today):

Happy new year.

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