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I agree with Andy: the description for Cambridge Bay is wrong.  It should read "Mountain Time" instead of "Central Time".
As for the Cambridge Bay coordinates...  The existing coordinates are indeed sitting in the water.
The coordinates provided by Andy are from a monitoring station which is about 5km from Cambridge Bay.

Official coordinates for Cambridge Bay from are:


I verified that this point "is" inside Cambridge Bay, it is a central spot right on the water front.


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There seem to be a few minor errors in (2007f and earlier):

America/Cambridge_Bay: latitude/longitude is incorrect, according to,
which gives +6907-10504, and my own experiments with Google Earth. Also comments should be 'Mountain Time - west Nunavut' rather than 'Central Time - west Nunavut'

The comment should very probably read 'Dumont d'Urville Station', rather than 'Dumont d'Urville Base', which seems to be a mis-translation of the French 'Base Dumont d'Urville'. See for example

latitude/longitude is incorrect. The CIA seems to have it much closer with +1645-16931

latitude/longitude is incorrect. The CIA seems to have it much closer with +1230-06958
- looks like the current +1230-06858 is a typo.

Europe/London: (!)
latitude/longitude is incorrect - the current value is somewhere in the neighbourhood of Syon House in South-west London ( Suggestions for a better value welcome.

Ukrainian time zones Europe/Kiev, Europe/Uzhgorod and Europe/Zaporozhye:
These might better be named Europe/Kyiv, Europe/Uzhhorod and Europe/Zaporizhia, being transliterations of the Ukrainian - rather than Russian - place-names. Similarly, the comment for Europe/Zaporozhye should perhaps be 'Zaporizhia, E Luhansk', rather than 'Zaporozh'ye, E Lugansk'. See for example and I'm sure I could rustle up references for the other names if pressed.


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