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Thu May 24 18:33:02 UTC 2007

Clive D.W. Feather wrote:

> Andy McDonald said:
>> Europe/London: (!)
>> latitude/longitude is incorrect - the current value is somewhere  
>> in the
>> neighbourhood of Syon House in South-west London
>> ( Suggestions for a better
>> value welcome.
> The official centre of London - where distances are measured from - is
> variously either Charing Cross (51d30'30"N 0d07'31"W) or the Post  
> Office
> (51d30'57"N 0d05'52"W).

It looks as though the coordinates came from the mail I sent
back in July 1994 about a piece in the Independent newspaper (which
is in the europe file commentary). They aren't for Sion House, they
are for the stone obelisk marking a pre-Greenwich meridian just across
the Thames to the south. If you follow the "Aerial photo and map"
link on the Wikipedia page and move the OS map overlay to the
bottom centre of the photo you will see the obelisk marked.

Clive is right: either Charing Cross or the GPO are the proper
locations to use for London. I would vote for Charing Cross,
but that's just personal preference.

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