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Fri May 25 07:33:04 UTC 2007

Tony Finch said:
>> Clive is right: either Charing Cross or the GPO are the proper
>> locations to use for London. I would vote for Charing Cross,
>> but that's just personal preference.
> Note that you want the original location of Charing Cross. It was rebuilt
> in the 19th C. in a new location. The closest landmark now is the statue
> of Charles I at 51d30'26"N, 0d7'40"W (or 51.5073,-0.1277 in decimal).

Note that the GPO is where road distances used to be measured from, while
Charing Cross (the present, not the original) is what most locals would say
if you asked them. While I agree the cross itself has moved, I'm not sure
the old location was ever thought of as "the centre of London".

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