Daylist savings letter modifiers for zone format in Australia

Mark Rodrigues markjrodrigues at
Thu May 1 05:10:31 UTC 2008


This is my first post in this mailing list so please redirect me to an
etiquette  page if I do anything wrong :)

I am using the tzdata2008b.tar.gz distribution from the 24/03/2008.

Using the Australia/Melbourne zone, it seems to imply that the format of the
zone is EST regardless whether I am in day light savings or not.

According to this article [] the
format should be AEST except during daylight savings in which case it is
It also indicates that there may be problems with all the zones in the
Australian region.

So a couple of questions:
1. What is the best way for me / us to verify this is right? Is that fact
that it is on a government web-site enough?
2. If this is correct what is the best way to update the data file. I am
more than happy to change it and send back for review and incorporation if
required / appropriate.

If you need any more from me please let me know.

Thanks and kind regards

Mark Rodrigues

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