Daylist savings letter modifiers for zone format in Australia

Rich Wales richw at
Fri May 2 16:43:34 UTC 2008

Hi, Mark --

Replying to your "tz" list posting:

> Using the Australia/Melbourne zone, it seems to imply that the format
> of the zone is EST regardless whether I am in day light savings or not.

My understanding has always been that the only truly official, legally
blessed abbreviations for Australian time zones are EST, CST, and WST --
without any caring for confusion between summer (daylight saving) and
non-summer time, and also without regard for confusion with similarly
named and abbreviated time zones in North America.

The abbreviations A{E,C,W}{S,D}T have been widely used on the Internet
for many years, but the time zone gurus have been reluctant to use them
because they've never been truly "official" as far as anyone knew.

If reliable sources can be found showing that these abbreviations are
now official throughout Australia, I imagine the keepers of the tz
data would be more than delighted to update the database accordingly.
However, I suspect people would prefer something more authoritative than
a single web page (even if that page is on a government web site) --
hence the suggestion to go look up the current state of the relevant
legislation for each Australian state/territory.

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