Geographical extent of some tz timezones

Eric Muller emuller at
Tue Sep 9 07:09:38 UTC 2008

Gwillim Law wrote:
> I did a good deal of research into the time zones of Kazakhstan in 2005.

Your message of May 20, 2005 puts Kostanay in Asia/Qyzylorda; a message 
of yours on September 15, 2006 puts Atyrau in Asia/Aqtau. The end result is:

Asia/Almaty = North Kaz, Akmola, Karagandy, South Kaz, Pavlodar, East 
Kazakhstan Zhambyl and Almaty

Asia/Qyzylorda = Kyzylorda and Kostanay

Asia/Aqtobe = Aktobe

Asia/Aqtau = Mangystau and Atyrau

Asia/Oral = West Kazakhstan


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