Cyprus Timezone Issue

Paul Koning Paul_Koning at
Mon Apr 27 00:51:51 UTC 2009

If you look on a map you'll see that the closest country is Turkey,
followed by Syria, Lebanon, Israel, and Greece.

As for "European": the English language Wikipedia describes it as
"Eurasian" which begs the question.  The Dutch language Wikipedia says
that "Geographically it is part of Asia but for political and cultural
reasons it is often considered part of Europe".

It might be best to add a link under Europe so Cyprus is shown there too
(i.e., both under Asia and under Europe).  


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> Hello,
> I am sending this email based on the posts I did on 2004 about Cyprus
> Island.
> Cyprus is a Europe island near greece and is consider within Europe.
> It is wrong displayed under Asia
> Please correct and make Europe Cyprus, Nicosia (City)
> Reference:
> Regards
> Charalambous Glafkos

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