Cyprus Timezone Issue

Gwillim Law RLAW at
Mon Apr 27 01:04:44 UTC 2009

This issue was discussed on the tz mailing list in September 2000, and again
in May 2004. The resolution in 2000 was to add Europe/Nicosia as an alias
for Asia/Nicosia. The accompanying comment reads, "for various reasons many
users expect to find [Cyprus] under Europe." When the issue was discussed
before, most reference sources placed Cyprus in Asia.

Perhaps it would be helpful to create a FAQ to deal with questions that come
up repeatedly, such as this one.

Yours,   Gwillim Law

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> I'm forwarding this message from Glafkos Charalambous who is not on the
> time zone mailing list.
> Those of you who are on the list please direct replies appropriately.
> --ado
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> Subject: Cyprus Timezone Issue
> Hello,
> I am sending this email based on the posts I did on 2004 about Cyprus
> Island.
> Cyprus is a Europe island near greece and is consider within Europe.
> It is wrong displayed under Asia
> Please correct and make Europe Cyprus, Nicosia (City)
> Reference:
> Regards
> Charalambous Glafkos

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