- a way of representing times as urls (using the tz database)

Tim Diggins tim at
Mon Apr 27 07:43:03 UTC 2009

Hi -

just wanted to firstly, let you know of a simple web application, 
, that we launched a while ago, which relies on the tz database info  
(via the ruby tzinfo library).
Many thanks to the tz database maintainers (and also to ruby's tzinfo  

Also...  I was wondering if anyone had any ideas if there is a public  
domain source for mapping city names (and single timezone countries)  
to timezones? We have manually added a few (including European single  
timezone countries and some prominent Asian cities) as aliases of  
timezones, but are always getting requests for a more comprehensive  
set of cities.

kind regards


FYI: provides a way of representing times as urls, or   

Imagine you want to announce an event with participants across  
different time zones. Simply set the time, in your time zone, and will generate a link for it. If you share this link with  
others, they will see that time in their own local time zone (and any  
other zones they choose). Use a permatime link to arrange a phone  
call, timestamp a blog post, announce a webinar...

Practical permatime examples

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