Cyprus Timezone Issue

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Bringing up Turkey raises another question: is it the country or the city that governs which continent to use? (This since Turkey is primarily, by land area, in Asia, but Istanbul lies within its European portion.)

The precedent of Pacific/Honolulu, and perhaps others, suggests that it is the location of the city that matters.

J Andrew Lipscomb
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The simplest policy would be to follow the UN for locations where there is any doubt, and add aliases as needed for convenience. The UN puts Cyprus and Turkey in Asia: see


On Mon, Apr 27, 2009 at 13:48, Paul Schauble <Paul.Schauble at> wrote:
I guess the question is whether the grouping for tz purposes is
geographic or political.

When Turkey joins the EU, will it move to the Europe tz file?


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On 27.04.2009 03:04, Gwillim Law wrote:
> This issue was discussed on the tz mailing list in September 2000, and
> in May 2004. The resolution in 2000 was to add Europe/Nicosia as an
> for Asia/Nicosia. The accompanying comment reads, "for various reasons
> users expect to find [Cyprus] under Europe." When the issue was
> before, most reference sources placed Cyprus in Asia.

Cyprus is a member of the European Union (since 2004), and its official
currency is the Euro, so I think it is reasonable for people to expect
to find Cyprus under Europe.

Martin Jerabek

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