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Wed Apr 29 07:33:17 UTC 2009

Edwin, some years ago there was talk of forming a sub-group of this mailing 
 list to tie down the loose ends to make this data register-able.  Since 
all  tzcode is derived from public domain, the only copyrightable part of it 
would be  it, as a collective work.  I dropped out of that group very early 
on, due  to my interest in marketing my private collection of public domain 
time  zone data on my own.
To the best of my Intellectual Property Law knowledge, tzcode is  
intrinsically in public domain, unless one of its contributors objects.   I've been 
on this list for well over a decade and can't imagine anyone  would.
Cliff Hancuff
In a message dated 4/28/2009 6:01:27 P.M. Eastern Daylight Time,  
edwin at writes:
For all  the years I have never worried about this, but today I got an 
email in
my  mailbox asking me "Since this is vendor imported data, we would like  to
register under which license this data is  distributed.".

Unfortunately I got not much info from Wikipedia, the  tzdata or the tzcode
files. The tzcode says "This code is in the public  domain", but the tzdata
doesn't have it, just a "This information is by no  means authoritative".

So... is there a license under which the tzdata  is  distributed?


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