License for the tzdata information

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Wed Apr 29 14:48:39 UTC 2009

As ADO is a U.S. Government (NIH) employee, doing this (presumably) on work
time, would the tzdata fall under the "U.S. Government works are in the
public domain" rule?

On Tuesday, April 28 2009, "Olson, Arthur David (NIH/NCI) [E]" wrote to "<tz at>" saying:

> There's no license.
>         --ado
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> Subject:  License for the tzdata information
> For all the years I have never worried about this, but today I got an email in
> my mailbox asking me "Since this is vendor imported data, we would like to
> register under which license this data is distributed.".
> Unfortunately I got not much info from Wikipedia, the tzdata or the tzcode
> files. The tzcode says "This code is in the public domain", but the tzdata
> doesn't have it, just a "This information is by no means authoritative".
> So... is there a license under which the tzdata is distributed?
> Edwin

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