New home for time zone stuff by 2012?

Jeroen Ruigrok van der Werven asmodai at
Mon Aug 31 16:31:25 UTC 2009

-On [20090831 17:14], Mark Peek (mark at wrote:
>When ado sent out the first email on this thread, my first thought was that 
>the Unicode Consortium would be a great place to maintain the timezone data. 
>Throughout the resulting discussion I am still a "+1" for it to be maintained 
>there. I believe Mark Davis has commented on different levels of release 
>flexibility within the Unicode Consortium and I think the dialog has indicated 
>that a fast and flexible release time line is what the users of tzdata are 
>wanting. I am sure the Unicode Consortium would want to ensure the continued 
>success, continuity and single source of tzdata if it was agreed for them to 
>take this on.
>Still a +1 for Unicode Consortium.

I can only add my +1 for hosting under the Unicode umbrella.

As a individual participant and contributor in both Unicode and CLDR
discussions and matters I can attest that these two projects behave very

A project like the timezone database could easily continue as it is now,
despite being hosted there. As long as the importance of a quick turn around
time and release management is stressed, I foresee no problems.

If needed, I am willing to help out with this process as well as documenting
it, whatever it may be. :)

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