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Note that this only works if you want to test offsets to local time.  If
the test requires offsetting UTC - which is normally what operating
systems use internally - then the timezone machinery is no help and you
have to use the normal system services to set the system clock anyway.
That may be easier in any case.




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In 1994, I tested with TZ offsets of 720 hours.  This was on an SVR4
Unix from Unisys, for an application where they wanted to test reminder
generation within the app.

I would set and export TZ, then start a shell, and run the application
inside it.
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I'm forwarding this message from Honey Bajaj, who is not on the time
zone mailing list. Those of you who are on the list, please direct
replies appropriately.

(On some systems, setting TZ to "GMT-48" may do what HB wants.)


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I have a testing requirement which needs to alter the system date to a
couple of days ahead of current date. I am wondering if its possible to
have a custom timezone which can provide this date change ability to
drift the current time to couple of days ahead by setting the TZ
environment variable.



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