colloquium on Future of UTC

Steve Allen sla at
Wed Aug 17 04:08:43 UTC 2011

On behalf of the co-chairs I announce a colloquium about the
implications of possible changes to the definition of UTC which is
scheduled for a vote by delegates to the Radiocommunication Assembly
in January.  The draft under consideration by the ITU-R would redefine
the notions of time and calendar day in ways that would have broad
side effects.

The website for the colloquium is

Abstracts already received include contributions from national
observatories, international agencies, geophysics and navigation
communities.  Software and operating systems remain underrepresented.

I invite contributions from members of the time zone community and
anyone who may have code, systems, or products which could be affected
by changes in the definition of the radio broadcast time signals which
underly them.

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