Timezone abbreviations

Alain Petit alain.petit at oracle.com
Wed Aug 17 17:52:26 UTC 2011

[As I was using an incorrect email, I am resending. Apologies if duplicates were issued]
I am looking at the following timezone definition
# Zone  NAME            GMTOFF  RULES   FORMAT  [UNTIL]
Zone America/Metlakatla  15:13:42 -     LMT     1867 Oct 18
                         -8:46:18 -     LMT     1900 Aug 20 12:00
                         -8:00  -       PST     1942
                         -8:00  US      P%sT    1946
                         -8:00  -       PST     1969
                         -8:00  US      P%sT    1983 Oct 30 2:00
                         -8:00  US      MeST

I am trying to make sense of the MeST [the format].
I think PST means "Pacific Standard Time", and P%sT becomes PST or PDT according to the US rule in effect [and making it Pacific Standard Time or Pacific Daylight Time].
However I cannot figure out what MeST would be, apart from Metlakatla Standard Time ?
[I found MEST - Middle European Standard Time, but Metlakatla is not in Europe]
Searching for Metlakatla [google] always refers it as AKST [Alaska Standard Time]. 
So 2 questions 
a) What would MeST mean? [and why no '%s' for it?]
b) Where can I find the meaning of these abbreviations [as I will probably find others that will confuse me in the future]
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