Shouldn't Kemerovo oblast' use OMST/OMSST timezone abbreviation?

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Mon Aug 29 22:43:07 UTC 2011

"Olson, Arthur David (NIH/NCI) [E]" <olsona at> writes:

> The first message to the time zone mailing list on Kemerovo's time change was from
> Alexander Krivenyshev on 2009-10-13; it appears in the "europe" file.
> The message indicates that Kemerovo would switch to the "Novosibirsk
> Time Zone" which accounts for the abbreviation currently being used.

The relevant parts of the mentioned message:

>> Kemerovo oblast' (Kemerovo region)- in Russia will change current time zone on 
>> March 28, 2010:
>> from current Russia Zone 6 - Krasnoyarsk Time Zone (KRA) UTC +0700
>> to Russia Zone 5 - Novosibirsk Time Zone (NOV) UTC +0600 
>> This is according to Government of Russia decree # 740, on September 14, 2009
>> "Application in the territory of the Kemerovo region the Fifth time zone."
>> ("Russia Zone 5"  or old "USSR Zone 5" is GMT +0600)
>> Alexander Krivenyshev (World Time Zone),

That decree actually just mentions "fifth time zone", like Alexander
Krivenyshev writes.  It doesn't seem to name the zone in any way.  In
addition to my previous links, I'd like to further support my claim that
the zone is called "Omsk Time" with the following two finds:

... and the fact that for the query "novosibirsk time", google responds:

  5:39 Tuesday (OMST) - Time in Novosibirsk, Russia

Note the "OMST".

Petr Machata

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> ... given the time offset it could be either that, or NOVT that tzdata
> currently have.  But Wikipedia lists Kemerovo under Omsk Time:
> In Russian:
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