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Alex Mayorga Adame alex.mayorga at gmail.com
Fri Oct 7 06:05:42 UTC 2011

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Date: Fri, 7 Oct 2011 00:48:50 -0500
Subject: Re: [tz] temporary timezone database home ...
To: Robert Elz <kre at munnari.oz.au>

Hope this nonsense won't grow into to much of a burden for "Olson et al" =(

Thanks on your efforts Robert!

Can this be made into a .torrent?

I do not have permanent hosting other than DynDNS to my laptop in .mx
but would gladly contribute some bandwidht if that would help in any

Alex Mayorga Adame

On 10/6/11, Robert Elz <kre at munnari.oz.au> wrote:
> First, I am assuming this copy of the list is actually functioning,
> (and I've just received jhawk's message which demonstrates that it is)
> I don't believe it has been used for actual messages before that one,
> but as ado has indicated that the list at elsie has been (for now
> anyway) terminated - and given the plan was to migrate from it eventually
> anyway, may never return, we can but hope this version of the list
> is functional.
> Some of you who receive this message may have been removed from the
> elsie version of the list recently, or altered your subscription details
>  - if that applies to you, use the iana.org message sent on the 1st of
> this month to all subscribers to their list for instructions on how to
> modify or delete your subscription.
> Don't send requests to me (or anyone else on the list) there's nothing I
> (or we) can do about it - and most certainly, do not send requests to the
> list itself asking to be removed.
> Unfortunately, there are probably a few people who were added to the elsie
> list since it was cloned at iana.org but there's nothing much we can do
> about that - if anyone is contacted by anyone who believes they should be
> on the list, but is no longer receiving messages, direct them to the iana
> website for list subscriptions.
> Next, while elsie's ftp server is shut down, munnari.oz.au isn't, and the
> tz database & code remains available from here.   Further, I will not
> respond to requests from (almost) anyone to cease making those files
> available (including Arthur and Paul - but by all means feel free to try
> if you need to to satisfy some obligation to cease making the data
> available - I'll ignore you, but you will at least have used every
> reasonable
> effort...)
> Second, regardless of this, the world's governments continue to adjust
> their view of their local timezones & summer time adjustments, so we
> need to continue updating the database (at least).   There are several
> updates that will be needed soon.
> For now, until someone else volunteers, I'm prepared to make the updates,
> in much the same way that Arthur did, and then make new releases available
> from munnari's ftp server.  I suspect that it is unlikely that either Arthur
> or Paul will be able to assist much with this in the coming months, so
> I'm hoping that others will assist where possible.
> For now, I'm aware of changes needed for Armenia, Fiji, Bolivia, Brazil,
> and of course, the changes that (might be) needed for Russia.  If there's
> anything else I missed, please let me know.
> Unfortunately, I don't have the sccs (or is it rcs or something these days)
> master files, so I won't be able to do quite the same job that Arthur did,
> but I can keep all versions so they can be checked into a version control
> system later.
> It would be good if a few others, especially people in jurisdictions that
> tend not to simply bow down to US court rulings, would keep copies of the
> code and data, and make them publicly available via ftp or http (this
> is not of huge public interest, the resources needed to provide this
> service should not be very noticeable).
> All I know of the lawsuit is what jhawk's message indicated - eventually
> I assume we'll find out what trademark or patent that someone believes is
> being infringed (a little hard to believe either, but who knows...)
> The URL's of the current versions of the files from munnari.oz.au are ...
> 	ftp://munnari.oz.au/pub/tzcode2011i.tar.gz
> 	ftp://munnari.oz.au/pub/tzdata2011k.tar.gz
> and of course, the historical files (most versions that were ever previously
> released) are in ftp://munnari.oz.au/pub/oldtz/
> kre

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