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John Hawkinson jhawk at mit.edu
Fri Oct 7 07:03:22 UTC 2011

Thanks, kre. Good to see the list is actually working.

> All I know of the lawsuit is what jhawk's message indicated - eventually
> I assume we'll find out what trademark or patent that someone believes is
> being infringed (a little hard to believe either, but who knows...)

I am/was running on a bit too little sleep, but I wrote:

> The suit, if you wish to read it is, Astrolabe, Inc. v. Olson et al,
> docket number 1:11-cv-11725-GAO. The other plaintiff is Paul
> Eggert.

Of course, I meant to write that the other DEFENDANT was Paul Eggert, not
plaintiff. Oops.

It is apparently a copyright question, not a patent/trademark question.
p.2 of document 1 (
) notes:

| 4. Pursuant to a written agreement, Astrolabe is the copyright assignee
| of the copyright owner, of certain copyright-protected computer
| software programs and information contained therein, pursuant to the
| Copyright Protection Act, 17 U.S.C. Section 101, et seq., known as the
| "ACS Atlas," consisting of both the "ACS International Atlas," and the
| "ACS American Atlas," in the form of computer software program(s)
| and/or data bases, and in the form of electronic output and future
| electronic media from said programs [hereinafter "the Works"].
| 5.  These atlases set forth interpretations of historical time zone
| information pertaining to innumerable locations throughout the world,
| based upon the compilation of historical research and documentation
| regarding applicable time zones officially and/or in actuality in
| effect, given the actual latitude and longitudes of specific locations
| throughout the world.
| 6.  Upon information and belief, defendants Olson and Eggert have
| unlawfully reproduced the Works, in violation of the Copyright
| Protection Act, without proper permission and/or authorization from
| the copyright holder, and without paying royalties due and payable to
| the copyright holder and/or its assignee, Astrolabe, in computer
| software format.

Also, the civil complaint makes reference to several exhibits that don't
seem to be filed in the Court system. I'll see about obtaining those
from the plaintiff (Astrolabe).

--jhawk at mit.edu
  John Hawkinson

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