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Yann Droneaud yann at droneaud.fr
Fri Oct 7 08:54:54 UTC 2011


Le vendredi 07 octobre 2011 à 11:47 +0700, Robert Elz a écrit :


> Next, while elsie's ftp server is shut down, munnari.oz.au isn't, and the
> tz database & code remains available from here.   Further, I will not
> respond to requests from (almost) anyone to cease making those files
> available (including Arthur and Paul - but by all means feel free to try
> if you need to to satisfy some obligation to cease making the data
> available - I'll ignore you, but you will at least have used every reasonable
> effort...)


> Unfortunately, I don't have the sccs (or is it rcs or something these days)
> master files, so I won't be able to do quite the same job that Arthur did,
> but I can keep all versions so they can be checked into a version control
> system later.

It's probably a good time to switch to a distributed version control
software (git, hg, bzr, etc.) with a public repository so that anyone
can easily mirror the database (and follow the changes made by authors
for the next updates).

BTW, I would like to thanks you, Robert, for your current work.

Yann Droneaud

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