[tz] Short notice: Ukraine invalidates law to introduce permanent DST

udo.schwedt at obi.de udo.schwedt at obi.de
Tue Oct 18 15:56:37 UTC 2011

As far as I understand, the recent change to the Ukranian time zone 
to introduce permanent daylight saving time (similar to Russia) was 
reverted today:


AFAICS, this means that the current Kiev time zone (UTC/GMT +3 hours) will 
be changed back
to former Ukrainian standard time (UTC/GMT +2 hours) by the end of this 
month (October 2011). 
Thus the original DST rules (that were changed with tzinfo2011k) will have 
to be restored. 

I don't know how such near-term situations are usually handled (I'm fairly 
new to this list),
but I'd like to bring this to your attention and propose a change at short 

-- Udo

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