[tz] time zone suggestions

Steven Abner pheonix at zoomtown.com
Thu Oct 20 13:45:47 UTC 2011

  Not sure if I should contact the organization or Zefram. But it looks like the new management might be open to some queries and/or options from outside sources. This information pertains to northamerica, and one was accepted by you already, where Mr. Olson implied it was correct, so you may have to alter the information I am supplying. They are suggestions only, and were done to aid parsing of the tz data, different parser with more strict rules for converting. Feel free to ignore, or pick out what you feel relevant, as only the Sitka change was of any real importance. The Anchorage one was to keep the northamerica rules from needing the translation unit of the europe file rules, which I altered to follow the majority of your data files. This is one of the patches I use to set your data to my data.

Sorry to intrude,

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