[tz] database proposal

Steven Abner pheonix at zoomtown.com
Fri Oct 21 19:53:44 UTC 2011

  First, thank you Mr. Elz. I wish to propose an amendment to your standards. This proposal is purely
from a programmer's perspective, future growth, the need for speed. In your work called "Theory", subsection
"Names of time zone rule files", I'd like to propose a limitation to the general rules. To the first rule "Use only valid POSIX",
I submit the amendment of "The total file name length should not exceed 30 characters."
  This addition should allow for a buffer of 32 characters, the 30 mentioned, the POSIX ':' for use as a file signal, and the
terminating NUL character. Currently you have 573 zones, all but 1 are within these bounds. This is for future naming,
and in hopes that access to data can be sped up, searching, copying, etc., by a compiler or programmer to make use
of things like vector units and 4-64bit moves for copying, rather than calling another routine to copy. For full disclosure,
the one offending zone is "America/Argentina/ComodRivadavia" in the "backwards" file, so hopefully this does not
give too much weight to a "negative" verdict on this proposal.
  On a different matter, I'd like to throw into the pot as you called it, the suggestion of "LJT" for a generic zone
abbreviation. This would stand for "Local Jurisdictional Time". It would seemed to me, more likely to be welcomed
amongst the locales that it would apply to. It has no connotation of "Standard" or "Savings". The LMT has meaning,
the ZZZ is or was used for indication of the founding of a locale. It hopefully reinforces the right and ability of an
independent locale, either by law or practice, to their own means of time representation.


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