[tz] zdump issues

Thom Hehl Thom at pointsix.com
Mon Oct 24 19:48:59 UTC 2011

I'm trying to write a C++ wrapper for the timezone database.


I have run ZIC to convert the data to binary files and know where these
are. Now I'm having a look at zdump because, when I'm done, I want to
convert UTC to a time zone of my choice.


Problem is when I run zdump it never seems to return anything different.


thom at hehl /cygdrive/c/javatools/tzinfo/src

$ ./zdump America/Anchorage

America/Anchorage  Mon Oct 24 19:46:24 2011 GMT


thom at hehl /cygdrive/c/javatools/tzinfo/src

$ ./zdump America/Chicago

America/Chicago  Mon Oct 24 19:46:34 2011 GMT


thom at hehl /cygdrive/c/javatools/tzinfo/src

$ ./zdump America/Kentucky/Louiville

America/Kentucky/Louiville  Mon Oct 24 19:48:21 2011 GMT


My clock is current set to Eastern Daylight.






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