[tz] Is there a high-level conversion process description available?

Zefram zefram at fysh.org
Mon Oct 24 18:58:20 UTC 2011

Willy at willylorenzo.com wrote:
>update the db with a click of a button on a Windows computer.  So I have 
>to compile the data myself.

The standard zic is distributed in the tzcode tarball.  It's written
in C, and shouldn't take much coaxing to compile and run on Windows.
It already opens the output files in binary mode, showing that there's
been some thought for portability to non-Unix systems.  I think its
biggest portability issue is pathnames, but the Unix-style pathnames
it uses will be understood well enough by Windows.  Your actual biggest
problem is likely to be replacing the Makefile.


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