[tz] Is there a high-level conversion process description available?

Willy at willylorenzo.com Willy at willylorenzo.com
Thu Oct 27 00:50:14 UTC 2011

That's okay.  My compiler is done and I can now create a database 
containing transitions for each zone.

Thanks everyone for the help and the indirect help I received through the 


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On Mon Oct 24 14:43:41 2011"Steve Allen" <sla at ucolick.org> wrote:

> On Mon 2011-10-24T14:21:04 -0400, Willy at willylorenzo.com hath writ:
> > Yes, it would be nice to use the binaries, but I have to provide a 
> > solution that can, upon someone retrieving and extracting the tz data,
> > update the db with a click of a button on a Windows computer.
> Unless I'm mistaken one of the goals of the CalConnect Timezone
> Technical Committee effort is to define network server mechanism for
> providing zoneinfo to any client which needs to know that.
> Is this the sort of project which can wait for that spec to mature and
> use its data?  If so that might be preferable to inventing yet another
> mechanism.

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