New zone for DE, split from Europe/Berlin

Alois Treindl alois at
Mon Sep 12 22:25:46 UTC 2011

It is too early to propose this as a new zone for tzdata.

The practice for each zone in tzdata is that also the complete history 
from the beginning of standard time must be included in the zone file.

For Busingen, only the exception in 1980 is confirmed by research.

It is not yet known what this exclave did in 1941 - 1949 and in 1916 - 
1918 when Germany had DST / war time  but Switzerland did not or did 

I have written a few days ago to Busingen authorities in the hope to get 
information about its timezone history.

On 12.09.11 19:24, Mr tobias conradi wrote:
> The German exclave of Büsingen (, surrounded by the Swiss canton Schaffhausen, did not start observing DST in 1980 as the rest of DE (West Germany at that time) and DD (East Germany at that time) did.
> DD merged into DE, the area is currently covered by code DE in ISO 3166-1, which in turn is covered by the zone Europe/Berlin.
> Source for the time in Büsingen 1980:
> Suggested zone name:
> Europe/Busingen (removing diacritics as does UN/LOCODE)
> OR
> Europe/Buesingen (resolving as in German language)

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