New zone for DE, split from Europe/Berlin

Mr tobias conradi tobias_conradi at
Mon Sep 12 23:36:35 UTC 2011

Alois Treindl 2011-09-12 22:25:46 GMT:

> It is too early to propose this as a new zone for tzdata.
Too early to be included is one thing, but 
too early to be proposed, is another thing.

I think people are free to submit 
proposals at any time.

> The practice for each zone in tzdata is that also the complete history 
> from the beginning of standard time must be included in the zone file.

1) Alois Treindl 2011-08-30 14:40:48 GMT:
"I have compiled a complete 
timezone history of Germany."

Buesingen is part of Germany says
"Büsingen am Hochrhein ist, wenn auch ringsum von 
Schweizer Hoheitsgebiet umgeben, deutsches Hoheitsgebiet"

2) I see no proof that it is practice "that complete
history from the beginning of standard time must be included
in the zone file."

3) I see no statement in the Theory file nor 
in README that would require such a practice.

To the contrary, Theory file says:

"As noted in the README file, the tz database is not authoritative 
(particularly not for pre-1970 time stamps), and it surely has errors.
Corrections are welcome and encouraged."

README says:

"The information in the time zone data files is by no means authoritative;
the files currently do not even attempt to cover all time stamps before
1970, and there are undoubtedly errors even for time stamps since 1970.
If you know that the rules are different from those in a file, by all means
feel free to change file (and please send the changed version to
tz at for use in the future)."

4) I did not edit the file(s) in question since I don't know how
to structure it. I hope someone with more knowledge can help to 
fix the current error for 1980. Additional pre-1970 imprecisions 
remain open to be fixed, the fix I propose does not hinder
future progress.

Little geography fix for my other email:
>> The German exclave of Büsingen (, surrounded by 
>> the Swiss canton Schaffhausen, 
and across the Rhine the cantons of Thurgau and Zurich

Tobias Conradi
Rheinsberger Str. 18
10115 Berlin, Germany

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