updated Russian Time Zones - need to correct some districts for Sakha - Yakutia and Sakhalin

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> Let's see if I've got a handle on the Russian areas of interest:
> Place           Decree #725     tzdata211j      Notes
> Bulunskij       MSK+6           MSK+7           covered by Asia/Vladivostok
> Tomponskij      MSK+6           MSK+7           covered by Asia/Vladivostok
> Ust'-Majskij    MSK+6           MSK+7           covered by Asia/Vladivostok
> Ojmyakonskij    MSK+7           MSK+8           covered by Asia/Magadan
> Sakhalin        MSK+8           MSK+7           already separate--Asia/Sakhalin
> For each of these five places, the question then becomes: did the place change time zones in 2011?
> If so, we get to find out the exact instant when the change took place.
> If not, we get to correct the "europe" file (at least to the extent of changing a comment).
> Does anyone have any light to shed?

The decree has 31 August 2011 in the heading.
(31 АВГУСТА 2011)

"New Russian Time Zones as of August 31, 2011 according to Decree #
725 of the Government of the Russian Federation"

but further down notes:
"On the composition of the territories that make up each time zone,
and the procedure of calculation of time within time zones, and the
repeal of certain resolutions of the Government of the Russian
Federation", Decree # 725 of the Government of the Russian Federation
on 31 August 2011

IIRC 1 September is the day when school re-started after summer
vacations in the Soviet Union and maybe Russia still does so.

> Sakhalin        MSK+8           MSK+7           already separate--Asia/Sakhalin

город  областного  значения  -   город Южно-Сахалинск
town of oblast significance - town of South Sakhalinsk
This may be Asia/Sakhalin

Сахалинская   область (Северо-Курильский район)
Sakhalinsk Oblast (North Kuril Raion)
This may be part of Asia/Magadan

Meaning no change for Asia/Sakhalin relative to Moscow Time.

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