updated Russian Time Zones - need to correct some districts for Sakha - Yakutia and Sakhalin

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> Let's see if I've got a handle on the Russian areas of interest:
> Place           Decree #725     tzdata211j      Notes
> Bulunskij       MSK+6           MSK+7           covered by Asia/Vladivostok

According to http://www.garant.ru/hotlaw/federal/346568/
"7-я часовая зона - московское время плюс 6 часов. .... Булунский ...."

whole Bulunskij is in MSK+6.

Sources for the borders of Bulunskij:


or English

both use the same map which shows Bulunskij as including the New
Siberian Islands.

According to
http://efele.net/maps/tz/russia/ 2011b
the area shown as Bulunskij in Wikipedia is separated
between Asia/Yakutsk MSK+6 and
Asia/Vladivostok MSK+7.

If that is true the change includes for Bulunskij only the island part.

That's why I proposed
NEW Asia/Khandyga containing Bulunsky (parts), Tomponsky, Ust-Maysky

which I would change to

NEW Asia/Khandyga containing Bulunsky (only New Siberian Islands),
Tomponsky, Ust-Maysky

But this might be wrong, my assumption of current zone borders was
only based on the efele map.

I will forward this to Eric Muller who is the efele.net owner.

In the file "europe" I see no indication that the raion is currently
observing two offsets.

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