proposed time zone package changes (Belarus, Newfoundland, Palestine)

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Mon Sep 19 15:08:01 UTC 2011

On Saturday, September 17 2011, "Arthur David Olson" wrote to "<tz at>" saying:

> Here are proposed changes to the time zone package.

> ! PS	+3130+03428	Asia/Gaza	Gaza
> ! PS	+313200+0350542	Asia/Hebron	Hebron

I don't think this is the correct human-readable description for
Asia/Hebron -- Hebron is just one city in the zone.

The proper description to use is unfortunately politically fraught, but I
think the most-common neutral English-language description is "West Bank".
(This is the name Wikipedia uses for the region, for instance.)

Similarly, the region for Asia/Gaza is more commonly "Gaza Strip" in
English, as it is in Wikipedia (Gaza being the largest city in the Gaza

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