Information wanted #1: time zone names in Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine

Arthur David Olson arthurdavidolson at
Tue Sep 27 04:02:45 UTC 2011

I'm asking for information to use in specifying time zone abbreviations for
Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine.
For all three I can use:

1. References to government documents that specify time zone names or
2. References to government documents that specify whether current time is
considered to be
   "standard" time or "saving" time.
3. References indicating what time zone names or abbreviations are actually
in use in the areas.
4. References indicating whether people in the areas consider themselves to
be on "standard" or "saving" time.

We do have this year's Decree #725...
...for Russia; if is correct, Moscow is on "Eastern
Standard Time" with most other
zones being "Eastern Standard Time plus n hours" and one zone being "Eastern
Standard Time minus 1 hour."

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