Information wanted #1: time zone names in Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine

Yury Tarasievich yury.tarasievich at
Tue Sep 27 05:38:52 UTC 2011

Correction for Russia:
The said decree #725 sets the reference time for 
the timezones in Russia (/chasovye zony/). The 
reference time is named "Moscow time" and 
defined as UTC+4. Kaliningrad is in the 1st 
(Russia's) timezone which's defined as "Moscow 
time minus 1". Moscow itself is in the 2nd 
(Russia's) timezone, which's defined as "Moscow 

The government resolution #1229 issued Sep 15, 
2011 doesn't name the new standard time 
specifically but says "time measurement 
(/ischislyeniye/) is to be conducted according 
with the international timezones system, by the 
zonal time (/poyasnoye vryemya/) plus 1 hour, 
with no observing of the seasonal time 
(/syezonnoye vryemya/)". 

Also there exists a half-formal expression "time 
in Minsk" (alternatively "Minsk time"). Only 
half-formal because it's used, e.g., in state 
radio "precise time chimes" ("It's 12 o'clock 
precisely in Minsk"), but I don't think there's 
any reference document for this.

And, like I said before, Western abbreviations 
of EE.T nature are known prevailingly to IT 
specialists here.


On 09/27/2011 07:02 AM, Arthur David Olson wrote:
> I'm asking for information to use in specifying time zone abbreviations
> for Belarus, Russia, and Ukraine.

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