Information wanted #2: Russian Decree #725 vs. tzdata2011k

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> There are five places where this year's Russian Government Decree #725...
> ...and tzdata2011k differ on what current time is:
> Place           Decree #725     tzdata2011k     Notes
> Bulunskij       MSK+6           MSK+7           covered by Asia/Vladivostok
The claim that this District (Ulus, Raion) was in Asia/Vladivostok is
not supported by using
and defining the district as not containing the New Siberian Islands (2007
image has the district without the islands)
"Map of the uluses of Sakha Republic. The en:New Siberian Islands have
a different coulour to indicate that they are not part of any ulus
instead it is a natural reserve zone directly under jurisdiction of
the Sakha Republic."

CIA map from 2010 would have put Bulunskij in MSK+6 at that time.

> Tomponskij      MSK+6           MSK+7           covered by Asia/Vladivostok
> Ust'-Majskij    MSK+6           MSK+7           covered by Asia/Vladivostok
> Ojmyakonskij    MSK+7           MSK+8           covered by Asia/Magadan

> Sakhalin        MSK+8           MSK+7           already
> separate--Asia/Sakhalin

Sakhalin Oblast consists of the Sakhalin Island (several raions) and
the Kurils (3 raions).

According to
MSK+8 contains  Северо-Курильский район = North Kuril Raion
MSK+7 contains all the rest.

Currently Theory has
# Sakhalinskaya oblast'.
# The Zone name should be Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk, but that's too long.

# Probably also: Kuril Islands.

CIA 2010 has the Kurils at MSK+8 together with Magadan.

If CIA was correct then a new zone maybe called Asia/Yuzhno-Kurilsk
needs to be created, as proposed 2011-09-22 :

Since the southern Kurils switched from Magadan to Vladivostok.

Note that Ojmyakonskij may have switched too.

But I don't want to write about that, since I am not sure the feedback
is read by the maintainers.

Unanswered zone proposals:
Asia/Tomsk, Asia/Barnaul

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