[tz] Idea for internationalized time point unique time zone abbreviations

David Patte dpatte at relativedata.com
Wed Jun 6 18:26:45 UTC 2012

On the contrary, I think people are far more familiar with their 
timezone abbreviations that they are with the olson timezone region names.

On 2012-06-06 13:36, Mark Davis ☕ wrote:
> I think it is a waste of time to worry about the timezone 
> abbreviations in the tzdatabase.
>  Despite being around for years, the vast majority of the ones that 
> are in the files are not familiar to people in the timezones in 
> question, and are thus essentially useless. Moreover, they are only in 
> a single language (English) and script (Latin). Time spend on talking 
> about them would be far better spent doing something productive.


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