[tz] Another Newbie question

Donald MacQueen dmacq at erols.com
Tue Jun 12 15:32:48 UTC 2012

The background is that I have added timezone support to our 
multi-platform application.

To test our app on Windows, I used zoneinfo copied from a Fedora 
distribution, and I have 143 units tests that test time zones like 
'right/America/Detroit', 'posix/America/Detroit', 'US/Eastern', and 

But when I run 'for f in *; do zic -d someOutputDir $f;done' on the 
latest data from iana.org, I get 'America/Detroit' but not 
'right/America/Detroit', 'posix/America/Detroit', or 'US/Eastern'.

How come? How are they generated on Linux OS's?


Donald [|]

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