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Thu Jun 14 18:23:10 UTC 2012

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>From: Brian Inglis <Brian.Inglis at Shaw.ca>
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>On 2012-06-09 14:42, Steve Jones wrote:
>> At 13:30 6/9/2012, OvV_HN wrote:
>>> Regarding Malheur county in Oregon: you could add: the _northern_ part
>>> of Malheur county.
>> Here is an image that reflects the borders of Malheur county as well as
>> the time zone border in the area:
>> <http://ontimezone.com/images/malheur.gif>http://OnTimeZone.com/images/malheur.gif
>> The portion of the time zone border that bisects Malhuer county starts
>> on the western border of the county at the southwest corner of T. 35 S.,
>> R. 37 E., and runs due east to the eastern border of the county. There
>> is no obvious manmade, political, or geographic feature that further
>> reflects or indicates that portion of the time zone border.
>That township line is labelled on Oregon Malheur county maps as the 
>Seventh Standard Parallel South (of the Willamette Base Line at 
>45°31'11"N, so 38°31'11"N, used with the Willamette Meridian for the 
>surveys of Washington and Oregon Territory).
>So that portion could be described as Malheur county N of 7th Standard 
>Parallel S of the Willamette Base Line.

Since standard surveying parallels were run at 36, 30, and then 24
mile intervals, "7th Standard Parallel S" is ambiguous, particularly
to a casual reader.

The point in question, "southwest corner of T. 35 S., R. 37 E", is at
42.45074, -118.21460, according to Bureau of Land Management
information.  38°31'11"N cuts across southen Nevada.

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