[tz] Patch - America/Los_Angeles zone comment

Brian Inglis Brian.Inglis at Shaw.ca
Thu Jun 14 04:16:57 UTC 2012

On 2012-06-09 14:42, Steve Jones wrote:
> At 13:30 6/9/2012, OvV_HN wrote:
>> Regarding Malheur county in Oregon: you could add: the _northern_ part
>> of Malheur county.
> Here is an image that reflects the borders of Malheur county as well as
> the time zone border in the area:
> <http://ontimezone.com/images/malheur.gif>http://OnTimeZone.com/images/malheur.gif
> The portion of the time zone border that bisects Malhuer county starts
> on the western border of the county at the southwest corner of T. 35 S.,
> R. 37 E., and runs due east to the eastern border of the county. There
> is no obvious manmade, political, or geographic feature that further
> reflects or indicates that portion of the time zone border.

That township line is labelled on Oregon Malheur county maps as the 
Seventh Standard Parallel South (of the Willamette Base Line at 
45°31'11"N, so 38°31'11"N, used with the Willamette Meridian for the 
surveys of Washington and Oregon Territory).

So that portion could be described as Malheur county N of 7th Standard 
Parallel S of the Willamette Base Line.

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