[tz] tzcode2012h and tzdata2012h available

Jonathan Leffler jonathan.leffler at gmail.com
Sat Oct 27 16:35:21 UTC 2012

On Sat, Oct 27, 2012 at 7:08 AM, Christos Zoulas <christos at zoulas.com>wrote:

> On Oct 26, 11:22pm, eggert at cs.ucla.edu (Paul Eggert) wrote:
> -- Subject: [tz] tzcode2012h and tzdata2012h available
> |   More C modernization, except that at Arthur David Olson's suggestion
> |   the instances of 'register' were kept.
> Wonderful. Will you accept a patch then to add all the missing
> "register" adornments (because that is what they are) for the rest
> of the variables whose address is not taken? And please, point out
> to me another opensource package that still uses register, because
> I am stressed to find one.

Don't stress; ignore the register annotations.  And no, adorning everything
that does not have its address taken with register would not be sensible.

I hope Paul won't accept the patch; I recommend not even bothering to
create it.  Relax.  The presence of the register keyword won't hurt

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