[tz] On merging timezones - a radical proposal.

Scott Atwood scott.roy.atwood at gmail.com
Wed May 22 19:12:54 UTC 2013

The CLDR project already does with its concept of "meta zones" which group
together similar tz identifiers under a single, human-friendly name.

On Wed, May 22, 2013 at 11:27 AM, <random832 at fastmail.us> wrote:

> Or, more precisely, on the subject evicting redundant timezones from the
> user selection menu, since of course all current names will continue to
> exist as links if nothing else.
> I've thought about this some more, and I don't think it goes far enough.
> A user installing a new system doesn't _care_ about (my own proper time
> zone) America/Indianapolis, they don't have any need to accurately
> convert times from before _2006_ let alone 1970. Most users could
> probably be served just as well with America/New_York.
> I think it would be useful - particularly if we're abandoning being able
> to narrow it down by country - to define a heavily cut down set of
> "basic" time zones, that define each set of rules that exists _now_
> without care for maintaining the past back to 1970, and then offer an
> "advanced" option for the rest.
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> Random832

Scott Atwood
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