[tz] State of the tzdb

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Tue Sep 3 14:46:15 UTC 2013

random832 at fastmail.us wrote:
> for all the ridiculous cluster of
> zones there are for Indiana, we don't have zones for the few pieces of
> Indiana that actually match zones outside the state. Nor for the parts
> of Idaho that don't follow America/Boise.
> This seems to be an artifact of a simpler period in the database

No, it's not an artifact  zone.tab was never intended to
be a definitive delination of sub-country regions,
and it does not have that role now, either.

Kansas is split into two time zones, for example,
but we don't have two entries for it in zone.tab --
the people in Kansas can use America/Denver or America/Chicago
as appropriate.  The situation for Indiana is similar:
people in (say) Gary can use America/Chicago.

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