[tz] [PATCH 2/3] Replace some zones with links when that doesn't lose non-LMT info.

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Wed Sep 4 21:21:30 UTC 2013

( Written earlier but not sent :( )

Stephen Colebourne wrote:
> I don't consider a request for stability to be a hostile takeover, but
> I do consider some of the proposed commits to be far in excess of what
> is acceptable to me. For the record, TZ Coordinator is not a job I
> would enjoy.

I'd second that, but personally I feel that there is still a difference of 
opinion as to the target we are trying to reach? 'Simplifying' the data may be 
removing material of a questionably origin, but it would be nice to see a little 
more substance to justify that? My own trawling through possibly supporting some 
of Paul's hatchet, but I am still uncomfortable that historic records are being 
lost and that there is still an underlying design to ignore pre 1970 data when 
to do so creates an area of the calendar where we can't rely on consistency 
between operating systems? If culling pre 1970 data is allowed then we end up 
with a second class view of the data in some environments?

I now have a local copy of the git repo and can browse at leisure and One thing 
that DVCS is very good at is providing a platform to play and experiment. I do 
agree with Stephen that the correct action once the initial re-factoring was 
objected to should have been to roll back to a mutually acceptable version. At 
that point changes could have been cherry picked and those that were agreed 
reapplied. Where data is then removed it could be individually committed and 
tagged. And to further tidy up the repo ... moving the data to it's own repo 
will keep data commits away from code ones?

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