[tz] [PATCH 2/3] Replace some zones with links when that doesn't lose non-LMT info.

Paul Eggert eggert at cs.ucla.edu
Wed Sep 4 21:42:08 UTC 2013

On 09/04/13 13:08, Stephen Colebourne wrote:

> commits to the repo form the basis of the
> permanent record of the group.

No, the github repository eggert/tz is my personal
experimental version.  The permanent record of this group
(including all the diffs sent via email) is published by the
IANA at <http://www.iana.org/time-zones>.

The recent flurry of detailed comments about relatively
minor points in the experimental version has tempted me to
go back to how Arthur David Olson did it, which was to not
publish experimental versions.  Perhaps Arthur's way was
better after all -- it was less work for everybody involved,

> A much better practice would be to revert in full

I suspect that we're looking at a clash of maintenance
styles here.  I prefer not to create clones of earlier
versions (if you want the earlier version, it's easy enough
to find it), but other people do.  No matter which style is
chosen, people who prefer the other style will find it
irritating.  I'm not sure it's worth micro-managing this,

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