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I am concerned about the change of Europe/Vaduz into a link to Europe/Zurich.  There was a long discussion about how and when Swiss time was standardised, yet no-one (except myself) seemed concerned that Vaduz is not actually in Switzerland.  No attempt was made to show whether Liechtenstein follows the timezone rules for neighbouring Switzerland, and if it does, when that decision was made by the legislature.

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David Patte ₯ <dpatte at relativedata.com> writes:

> And some of us prefer having at least one zone for each ISO 3166-1 
> country. Several of us understood the old theory file to require this. 
> 1970 is an arbitrary computer geek cutoff point, with not much meaning 
> to general time zone history.

None of these proposed changes make the database any better or worse in this regard so far as I can tell.

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