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Andrew Paprocki andrew at ishiboo.com
Wed Sep 18 18:34:46 UTC 2013

I was hunting around for information when the Vaduz change was proposed and
while I didn't find anything related to Vaduz specifically, I came across
these very nice historical German documents that may be of use to others.

The first from a watch-makers journal in 1916 with many pages discussing
the adoption of "summer time" that year and reservations about it. There
are mentions of those who proposed the legislation, etc. for anyone who can
read German and feels like digging through the various pages talking about
it. This is the most relevant page (but there are many others -- search for
(Page 131)

The second discusses WET / CET in terms of railroads and contains an
interesting snippet regarding CET being authorized since 1 Feb 1920 as well
as Netherlands being 20 minutes offset from GMT. I can't find mention of 1
Feb 1920 in the database, so I'm not sure what it is referring to or if
this is new/known information. Also, the database says that railroads did
not observe the GMT+0:20 in Netherlands, yet this is a railroad journal
specifically mentioning it.
(Page 84)

Just leaving these here since some may be interested. Make sure the links
leave you on the page # indicated -- sometimes Hathi jumps to an incorrect

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